Phyllis Watts, Ph.D.



As the President of Wild Swan Resources, a consultancy whose mission is assisting leaders to cultivate and apply wise business and leadership practices; Phyllis provides values-based consultation with a clear understanding of the psychological skills needed for today's economy. She focuses on designing and implementing effective leadership practices and work systems to promote work environments that feel good to be in and maximize the effectiveness and quality of each person's work effort, as well as their satisfaction with the company itself.


Phyllis has consulted to organizations for over two decades and is known for her depth of psychological understanding, ethical standards and skill in designing highly tailored and effective interventions for resolving the unique challenges each of her client organizations face.


Over the years she has lectured extensively on the implications of wise leadership practices at national, state and local conferences. She has spoken on ethics in organizational consultation, as well as the practice of psychology. Additionally, she has provided numerous and varied training experiences to audiences as diverse as the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the California Main Street Association, the National Organizational Development Network, California Women Lawyers and the California State Legislature, to name a few.

Abiding Interests

Phyllis is devoted to taking sound psychological knowledge out of the consulting room and into the world. To that end her company implemented, in conjunction with the Professional School of Psychology, a yearlong special project that taught Ph.D. Candidates in Psychology to provide innovative training, focusing on the development of psychological resilience, to diverse and underserved groups in the region.

She believes strongly in meeting the beauty of life in all of it's many variations and so, for several hours weekly, she volunteers her services to Wellspring Women's Center, a service organization in the heart of Oak Park, one of Sacramento's most impoverished neighborhoods.


Phyllis received her B.A. in Psychology with honors, from the University of California at Santa Cruz. She took both her Masters and Doctorate in Psychology from Michigan State University, during which time she was privileged to receive a National Institute of Mental Health Traineeship. She completed her internship training with the University of California, Davis Medical School and is a licensed psychologist.

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